Cigar Inventory. Get more out of your cigars!

StogieRate.com helps you organize your collection of cigars, track their age, and rate them. It will also create a historical cigar log so that you can always go back and find a cigar again.

Included FREE with StogieRate.com
Curated cigar database containing thousands of high quality cigar records and pictures.
Create your own cigar records and upload photos.
Create private cigar ratings and notes, or share reviews with the public StogieRate.com community.
Manage collections of cigars.
Create and share cigar wish lists.
Automatically track detailed statistics including historical inventory counts.
Import and export cigar records from StogieRate for iPhone and Desktop.
Read quality cigar reviews published by Stogie Fresh Cigar Publications.
Automatic data backups - we take care of backing up your cigar collections in event of a computer failure.

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Screen Shots

Here are a few screen shots of StogieRate.com in action

Manage Inventory - Organize all of your cigars from one screen

Mobile Views - StogieRate.com adjusts its layout to screen size

Reviews - Keep ratings and notes and publish them for others to read

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