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Bob Howard


Templeton, CA

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I've lived in California my whole life. I have been the VP of a sales company, owned my own business, worked for the JBL, built telescope domes that went to Peru, worked on F14, 15 and 18 Radar systems, and now run a calibration lab for tools used to survey oil wells. I have four great grandchildren too.

I like fishing and auto racing. I have a small collection of Datsun Z cars, one is an SCCA race car. 

I like cigars with Brazilian tobacco.

My wife in involved in breeding and showing dogs, Boston Terriers. 

I get to herf at Doc's Herf Shack, it's a lot of fun too. 

Para Japon by La Aurora Sumo Robusto, Robusto

This stogie as a medium brown wrapper with a few medium sized veins on it. The construction seemed fine before lighting it. I experienced an uneven bu...


Created: 6/5/2011 by Mrzee

Capoeira Maduro, Formado (Torpedo)

I like the look of the stogie. Nice dark brown wrapper and the band is interesting but too much for me. I found the flavor to have too much of a bitte...


Created: 5/5/2011 by Mrzee

Graycliff 1666 Maduro, Torpedo

This stogie is something of a disappointment for a 5 country blend of tobacco. I think it should be possible to blend a cigar with so many tobacco cho...


Created: 5/24/2011 by Mrzee

Oliva Cigar Company Master Blends 3, Torpedo

This is the fourth of Master Series 3 I have herfed and it leaves me with mixed feelings. The wrapper is dark brown with no sheen to it and shape feel...


Created: 5/22/2011 by Mrzee

San Cristobal by Ashton San Cristobal, Clasico (Robusto)

This cigar is a gem and I highly recommend it. It's best I say no more and let you discover it for yourself :O).


Created: 5/22/2011 by Mrzee

Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro, Robusto

This is the first Perdumo Lot 23 Maduro I have smoked and it is an excellent stogie. The wrapper had a few small veins with a nice sheen to it. It was...


Created: 5/21/2011 by Mrzee

Gran Habano Azteca Maduro, Aguila (Torpedo)

I have been looking forward to herfing the Azteca for about a year now and picked up a few a week ago. I have been thinking that a double maduro cigar...


Created: 5/21/2011 by Mrzee

5 Vegas Series A, Anomaly (Petit Corona)

This is a very rich cigar with coffee and earth flavors and a black pepper finish. It is not complex and the experience is the same from beginning to ...


Created: 5/20/2011 by Mrzee

Pinar del Rio Oscuro 2007 (original blend), Churchill

This is a nice looking cigar. The wrapper is medium brown in color and has a oily sheen. The band is colorful but not overdone. The draw is really bad...


Created: 4/24/2011 by Mrzee

Capadura 898 Series Maduro, Robusto

This is a well constructed cigar and burned good. The filler is too dominate for me and it was all black pepper from end to end. It was worth a try bu...


Created: 4/12/2011 by Mrzee

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