Foundry by General Cigar, No. 1 Wells (Toro)

Foundry, by General Cigar

No. 1 Wells (Toro), 6 x 50
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: H-47 Pleno Sol


Review date 10/8/2012
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 90.0
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BACKGROUND: One of the latest cigars from General Cigar Co., the Foundry, is a stark juxtaposition between the old and the new. The Foundry is the latest cigar from General Cigar Company and takes its name from the "Steampunk" movement. Steampunk is a literary and design concept that represents futurism. It has its roots in the works of H. G. Wells and other 19th century artists and designers that gazed into the future with their works and became the sages and forward thinkers of their day.

Foundry is the brainchild of Michael Giannini who led the team that created the breakthrough brand. According to Giannini, “Foundry entices the premium cigar connoisseur to take a bold step back in time and a quantum leap into the future to envision the artistry of handmade cigars through the lens of unbridled innovation.”

Foundry No. 1 Wells (Toro)

Featuring a collection of five proprietary tobaccos from four different countries, each aged between three and six years, Foundry’s foundation is amplified through an eight-year old wrapper developed by General Cigar. Called H-47 Pleno Sol.

The four-cigar collection is accessibly priced, and will make its mark on tobacco retail starting in late-October. The names of the cigars are taken from representatives of the movement including H. G. Wells, Ada Lovelace, Bryan Talbot and Sir George Cayle.

Each frontmark is presented with a unique box design and features both a traditional paper band and a steampunk-inspired metal gear band. This week’s featured Foundry is the Wells 6”x 50 ring gauge Toro.

Foundry No. 1 Wells (Toro)

TASTING NOTES: This cigar is impressive from the outset. Right away I noted a luscious natural tobacco sweetness on my palate. There were also toasted oak wood notes and a hint of coffee. The finish featured a lingering, mild black pepper spice and the retrohale added fresh smoky cedar and vanilla extract.

The cigar sports a medium-gray ash, which, when I tapped off, revealed a fairly long, sharp spike, dead center in the filler. So, while the ligero tobacco seemed to have been placed correctly in the bunch, it was not burning in sync with the rest of the tobacco. This could mean that the ligero was not aged or fermented sufficiently.

During the first half, the cigar medium in strength and medium-full in both body and flavor. This is a wonderfully easy cigar to smoke and offers a pleasing flavor/body/strength profile. I wouldn't say that the Foundry is hugely complex and yet there are enough flavors and nuances present to make it an interesting and challenging smoke.

Foundry No. 1 Wells (Toro)

FINAL THOUGHTS: In the second half, the cigar performance was nearly ideal. The draw had the right amount of resistance and the smoke flowed easily through the filler. The sharp spike that was present during the first half disappeared and the ash was solid and well-formed.

The flavors and body became more concentrated and the cigar finished at medium-full in body and strength and full in flavor.

The Foundry is very approachable and would be easy to recommend to a new cigar smoker, but is plenty complex to challenge the palates of experienced smokers.

It's unfortunate that we haven't been given more information about the blend. The only thing that the company reported was that the Foundry has a wrapper that they call H-47 Pleno Sol, which doesn't say a whole lot. We are also told that the wrapper has been aged for 8 years and the cigar is a four-country blend.

Nevertheless, I think the Foundry is a smoke that most people will enjoy and I definitely give these two thumbs up. These are set to release sometime in October and will retail between $7.95 – $9.45 per stick.



These cigars are being stored in a cellophane bag on a shelf in my Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor. They have an extra cello sleeve on the lower 2/3 of the cigar (just below the gear). This is the first of two podcast reviews on these cigars, which have been resting in my humidor for 1 month, 19 days prior to this review.


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