Trinidad (Cuba) Regular Production, Fundadores

Trinidad (Cuba), Regular Production

Fundadores, 7.75 x 40
Country: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba


Review date 4/17/2012
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 92.2
Review # 0861
Cigar age 2 yr. 0.6 mo. Sponsors
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BACKGROUND: Today’s postscript review is on the Trinidad Fundadores, which I first featured in Episode 250 of my Stogie Fresh 5 podcast on Sunday, December 5, 2010. These cigars have been waiting their turn in my humidor for a total of 2 years, 0.6 months and I took out a couple of samples this past week to see how they are faring with the extra age.

A box of Cuban Trinidad Fundadores

Trinidad is a relatively young brand, being established in 1969. Named after an old colonial town on Cuba's South coast, the city of Trinidad is, arguably, one of Cuba's most beautiful cities. Nowadays, Trinidad's main industry is tobacco processing. Situated in the Province of Sancti Spiritus near the middle of the country, Trinidad is located well away from the Vuelta Abajo, which is considered the very best tobacco-growing region in Cuba. Nevertheless, the Trinidad cigar blend is created from the same selection of tobacco leaves as Cohiba, which come from the five finest plantations in the Vuelta Abajo.

Fundadore, which means "Founder," in Spanish, is similar in size to the Cohiba Lancero. However the filler leaves of the Cohiba are subjected to three fermentations. Not so for the Trinidad, whose leaves are fermented twice, which is more typical within the industry.

The Fundadore has been one of my all-time favorite cigars. What has made these golden for me has been their excellent construction as well as their flavor and body profile. The factory that makes this cigar must have some awfully good rollers because I've never had a poorly constructed Fundadore and I've smoked more than my share.

It is not an easy task to roll a cigar of this length and ring gauge. At almost 8 inches in length and just 40 ring gauge, the wrapper and binder tobacco has to be perfectly formed around the filler tobacco so that there is no resistance to the flow of smoke at anywhere in the length of the cigar.

Fundadore on an iPhone

TASTING NOTES: This is one of the most complex and yet flavorful Cuban's that I've tasted. The cigar exudes notes of roasted almonds, walnuts, coffee and sage. The retrohale brings along some aromatic cedar and white pepper and there is a savory finish on the palate.

This was an exceptional smoke from beginning to end, both in construction and burn characteristics as well as flavor. I recommend this cigar highly.

Down to the nub

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Fundadore is medium-full in body, flavor and strength. As such, it will appeal to more experienced cigar smokers, but is certainly worth a try for every smoker. This is a challenging and complex smoke that will light up your taste buds and other olfactory senses. Be sure to retrohale this smoke to experience all of its dimensions.

I recommend pairing the Fundadores with a fine scotch, rum, bourbon or a medium-full bodied craft beer.



These cigars are being kept in their original box of 12 cigars in my retrofitted Wine Cooler cabinet humidor. I set the Oasis active humidifier for 68%RH and the central location of the cabinet keeps the temperatures in the desired range of 65-72°F.

This is the second and final "Postscript" review of these sticks which have been in my humidor for just over 2 years.


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