HR by Hirochi Robaina Habano Maduro, Toro

HR by Hirochi Robaina, Habano Maduro

Toro, 6 x 52
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000 Maduro


Review date 7/7/2015
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 92.0
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BACKGROUND: Hirochi Robaina is the grandson of the late Alejandro Robaina, who before his death in April of 2010, was considered to be Cuba’s best grower of tobacco. The younger Robaina spent over a decade working under his grandfather at the family farm named Cuchillas de Barbacoa in San Luis, Pinar Del Río.

Since his grandfather’s death, Hirochi has continued to run the farm. He spends most of his time growing and curing tobacco, while remaining focused on maintaining his family’s reputation for having the highest level of quality in tobacco production in Cuba.

The cigar named “HR by Hirochi Robaina,” was brought forth by a collaborative effort between Robaina and Omar Gonzalez Alemán the master blender at Cubanacan Cigars in Nicaragua. González was a friend to the Robaina family, including both Hirochi and his grandfather, the late Don Alejandro. According to Robert Mederos, owner of Cubanacan cigars, "The good relationships that his grandfather and Hirochi has to the Gonzalez family made this [the Hr cigar project] happen."

HR by Hirochi Robaina

Prior to this project, Hirochi had developed an appreciation for Nicaraguan tobacco. Said Robaina, "The last two years I have been smoking a lot of cigars from Nicaragua."  According to Robaina, "This [new cigar] is very close to a Cuban cigar. I'm very happy."

TASTING NOTES: The first thing I want to mention is that the wrapper on this cigar is exceedingly beautiful. The wrapper has a healthy, oily sheen and the veins are tiny. The wrapper is a dark golden brown in color and is in all ways drop-dead gorgeous. I hate to gush on about the beauty of this wrapper, but it is likely one of the best-looking wrapper leaves you will ever see.

As far as flavor, the cigar started with oak and vanilla notes and was smooth and creamy. It didn’t have a heavy impact on the palate initially, but it tended to progress slowly and consistently throughout the smoke. Retrohaling brought out oak wood and vanilla and a hint of aged rum.

HR by Hirochi Robaina

At the one-third mark, the cigar markedly picked up in flavor and body. The natural tobacco sweetness started to kick in and the cigar displayed good balance and complexity.

I will note that most of the cigars I’ve smoked have had nearly perfect construction and burn and have cast a long striated ash. This particular stick had a small tunnel just off-centered in the bunch, which created a slightly meandering burn line. But that was just during the first third, after which I burned through the tunnel and the burn straightened itself out throughout the rest of the smoke.

FINAL THOUGHTS: During the second half, the cigar displayed some molasses sweetness and had a longer, oaky-sweet finish. Overall, the cigar was medium in body and strength and medium to full in flavor.

This is an easy cigar to recommend because it is so approachable and because it’s construction and burn characteristics are so solid. All that makes for a truly delightful smoke. This is not a strong cigar by any means and I think it would be enjoyed by most cigar smokers.

HR by Hirochi Robaina

The cost may be a sticking point for some. At an MSRP of between $18.00-$22.00, this may dissuade those of light pocketbook. Nevertheless, this cigar is unique in many ways and is one that I think any cigar connoisseur should try.

Final verdict: Buy, try and see for yourself if it’s worth springing for a few more.



These cigars are being kept in the singles drawer of my Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor. The average humidity and temps over the past couple of months have been 64%RH and 65°F, respectively. This is the first of two reviews on these sticks, which have been aging in my humidor for 5 months and 23 days.


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