Room 101 Cigars Conjura Edition, Robusto Gordo

Room 101 Cigars, Conjura Edition

Robusto Gordo, 5 x 60
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras


Review date 12/27/2010
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 91.0
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BACKGROUND: The Conjura Edition cigar is the second release from Room 101 Cigars, the partnership of Matt Booth, a Los Angeles based jewelry designer and Camacho Cigars.

Prior to his entry into the cigar business Matt owned, and still operates and owns, Room 101, a luxury lifestyle collection, which includes his signature custom jewelry designs, but also includes the "best of the best" of a variety of luxury lifestyle products.

When it came to producing his own cigar brand, Matt wanted the same top of the line reputation and so he partnered with the Camacho Cigar Company. As Matt describes it, the Room 101 brand is a collaborative effort between himself, Christian Eiroa and the entire Camacho family.

Now to the newest Room 101 cigars the Conjura. (Conjura means conspiracy in Spanish.) This stogie was designed to be more in keeping with the history of the Room 101 enterprise, that of producing products that are limited and exclusive. The Conjura Edition is purportedly fuller in body, but with continued nuances of the 101 style.

This is the first in a series of Room 101 limited edition cigars. The Conjura Edition is made with a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder, and a hybrid seed Honduran/Nicaraguan wrapper grown in Honduras.

The cigar comes in four sizes, each limited to 12,500 cigars and they retail from $6.95 to $9.95 per cigar.

This week's Room 101 Conjura Edition 5" x 60 Robusto Gordo.

TASTING NOTES: The Conjura Edition is, indeed, a full-bodied cigar. You can tell that immediately because of the impact it makes on your palate. Many cigars are so light in body they have to be retrohaled to perceive much of their flavors. Not so with the Conjura, which immediately presents with smoky oak wood flavors and a long finish that is ripe with sweet tobacco.

This imprint on my palate, of a long, sweet finish is what really makes this cigar for me. In fact, it is what makes any full-bodied cigar. When a cigar is full in body or strength, there is often a bitterness or dryness associated with it. But in the case of the Conjura, the sweetness of the tobacco tempers the body and strength and makes it seem like a lighter smoke. Of course, it's not a lighter smoke, it is pretty full and deserves some respect.

Speaking of retrohaling, this cigar will hit your nose like a white-hot cauterizing rod and deliver a lightening bolt of white pepper spice. Each time I smoke this stick I have to remember to put my hand under my nose after I retrohale so I can catch my nasal mucosa before it sloughs off onto my keyboard.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Room 101 Conjura Edition is a thoroughly enjoyable smoke. While not for the newbie or the faint of heart, this is a delicious smoke. There are some predominant flavors that accompany you on this smoking journey. The first is a healthy dose of smoky oak wood, followed by a dollop of dark roasted coffee and, finally, a lingering tobacco sweetness. The retrohale will bring tears to your eyes, if you're not careful. White pepper and lighting will singe your nostrils while simultaneously spiking your pleasure meter.

I like this stick and I would really like to try it in a smaller ring gauge. And perhaps I will, but until then, I will simply savor these sticks after a meal or with a bold libation like beer, bourbon, scotch or espresso.

Though its flavor profile is relatively narrow, it works. The sweetness moderates the body and strength and leaves your palate wanting more. This full-bodied warrior will smack you upside the head, if you're not careful, but if you can stay in the saddle, you will get the ride of your life.



These cigars are stored in their original cellophane wrappers in my Vanderburgh Limited Edition desktop humidor. The current humidity is 67%RH and the temperature varies only slightly, usually between 65-68°F at this time of year.

This is the first of 2 podcast reviews, these cigars have been in my humidor for just over a month prior to this review.


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