Camacho Liberty 2011, Perfecto

Camacho, Liberty 2011

Perfecto, 6 x 54
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduran Habano


Review date 12/28/2011
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 91.0
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BACKGROUND: After fleeing Cuba in the face of the oppressive new Castro regime, Simon Camacho created the Camacho cigar brand in Miami, Florida in 1961. Small production and great quality soon made the brand a favorite among cigar lovers worldwide. Upon Simon's death, the Eiroa family acquired the brand in 1995 and they went on to make full-bodied rich Honduran masterpieces, developed and marketed as cigars for the true cigar smokers. The Camacho brand became known as one that would deliver plenty of bang-for-the-buck and over the years, the brand became one of the most popular in America.

Liberty in wooden coffin

In 2002 the Camacho brand offered its first limited edition called, the Camacho Liberty Collection. Every year since then, the Liberty has been produced in very limited quantities. These cigars are special. They contain special lots of tobacco and most often were formatted in a special shape. Some have been mild, some stronger and some have appeared with double wrappers creating a “barber-pole” effect. But the outcome has always been the same; a limited production cigar to showcase the best of the best from the Camacho brand.

Typically, the Liberty employs a proprietary shape called the 11/18. This is a format that debuted in the Camacho “Diploma” line. 11/18 is a reference to the birthday of Christian Eiroa’s mother on November 18th. This perfecto resembles a snake that has just had lunch and it has been one of my favorite all-time shapes for a cigar.

The 2011 Liberty edition is composed of a blend of Honduran and Dominican filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder and Honduran Habano wrapper. As with most Liberty cigars, each stogie is packed in individually numbered wooden coffins and in boxes of 20 cigars. These cigars retail for $16.60 per stick, this week's featured Liberty is the 6-inch by 54 ring gauge 11/18 perfecto.

TASTING NOTES: The flavors are immediately bright and lively on the palate. I detected notes of fresh hay and cedar on the palate and white pepper on the retrohale. The finish is long with light wood and pepper nuances. This cigar is full in flavor and body, and I'd say around medium in strength.

At the one-third mark, the tobacco sweetness started kicking in big time. That sweetness really congealed all the flavors and body into a cohesive whole.

Liberty in action

The draw on this stick is loose, almost too loose. I am getting huge volumes of smoke into my mouth with real easy draws. I mean, I'll take that, but I have to keep reminding myself to moderate my puff rate because I can easily smoke this cigar too quickly. This loose draw has been a feature of all the sticks I've smoked from this batch and I have consistently had to slow my puff rate on these cigars. That said, I would not say that this has detracted from my enjoyment of these cigars, it just means that I am a little more mindful of how fast I'm smoking the cigar.

The other thing about this cigar is that I can set it down in my ashtray for a minute or two and not worry about it going out on me. This tells me that besides the draw being looser, the tobacco is sufficiently fermented and aged so that it burns easily. Many cigars are too moist and have a tendency to smolder and go out easily.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Liberty is a cigar line with a long pedigree of complex blending, unique construction, and innovative packaging. The 2011 Liberty is a complex cigar with an excellent flavor profile, great balance, and solid construction.

The cigar is medium in strength and medium to full in body and flavor and as such, is an easily approachable cigar and would likely appeal to a wide audience. The only drawback for some would be the price: at $16.50 per stick, you’d have to be pretty motivated to seek these out and buy one or five. But, if you’ve never tried a Camacho Liberty, this would be a good one to start with. This is a limited edition stick in a special shape that won’t overpower your senses and should be an enjoyable smoke.



These cigars have multiple layers of both protection and multiple micro-climates. Each cigar is wrapped in paper and kept in its own wooden "coffin." Then all 20 coffins are inside the cigar box. I have placed the box inside my retrofitted wine-cooler cigar cabinet. The Cigar Oasis XL Plus is set to keep the humidity at 68%RH.

This is the first of two podcast reviews and these stogies have been waiting in my humidor for 4.5 months to get their chance to shine.


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