Winston Churchill by Davidoff Lancaster, Mini Belicoso

Winston Churchill by Davidoff, Lancaster

Mini Belicoso, 4.5 x 46
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown


Review date 11/14/2012
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 91.4
Review # 0911
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BACKGROUND: I first featured the Winston Churchill Lancaster in Episode 274 back on Sunday, June 5, 2011. These cigars have been resting in their original tin inside by Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor for 1 year, 6 months and 15 days, and I pulled out my last two samples for this postscript review.

Winston Churchill Lancaster

The Winston Churchill holds a special distinction as the only other brand that is manufactured alongside Davidoff cigars in the Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic. The descendants of Sir Winston Churchill granted Davidoff the right to manufacture and market cigars under the Winston Churchill brand name.

The brand started with 4 vitolas: the “Blenheim,” “Chequers,” the “No. 10” and “Marrakesh” formats were named after places that played important roles in Churchill’s life, and each cigar sports a different, specially composed tobacco blend.

After some time, the company decided to create some small format cigars with the Winston Churchill blend. The first cigar was the Winston Churchill Spitfire, a 4-inch by 38 ring Short Panatela. This short but full-bodied cigar, which was packaged in tins of 5 cigars, became wildly popular.

Winston Churchill Lancaster cigars were launched in the United States at on April 25, 2011 and are presented in a brilliantly attractive red tin of four cigars.

The tobacco for this blend includes an Ecuadorian Special Sun Grown wrapper leaf and the binder leaf is Pelo de Oro from Peru. The Lancaster uses the same filler tobaccos as the other Winston Churchill cigars, which are from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, respectively.

The Lancaster tin retails for $23.00, while individual cigars have a suggested retail price of $5.75. This cigar is a 4½-inch by 46 ring gauge Belicoso.

Winston Churchill Lancaster

TASTING NOTES: The Winston Churchill Lancaster is spicy, earthy and sweet out of the gate. There are notes of wood, cocoa and coffee on one hand, and notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and alfalfa on the other. The natural tobacco sweetness makes all the flavors join together and leaves a lasting tangy, spicy sweetness on the finish.

There is no hint that the flavors have diminished with an extra year and more of aging. It is likely that the small format cigar preserves the body and flavor better than larger format sticks.

Be sure to retrohale the smoke of this cigar for an experience that will light up your day. The retrohale is toasty with roasted nuts, white pepper and allspice.

The performance of each of the samples from this tin has been quintessential Davidoff. Impeccable draw and burn and a firmly packed ash highlighted the construction characteristics.

Winston Churchill Lancaster

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Winston Churchill Lancaster is a 35-minute smoke that has remarkable complexity for a short format cigar. It displays notes of spice, wood and tobacco sweetness and an underlying earthiness.

This smoke will no doubt challenge the palates of the most experienced smoker, while also being accessible to the occasional smoker. The cigar finished medium to full in body and flavor and medium in strength, which means that the flavor/body/strength profile hasn’t changed, even after a year and a half of aging.

Though the flavor and body profile may be a bit too much for a newbie cigar smoker, with great flavor, impeccable construction and a price tag of around $5.75 per stick, I can recommend this to pretty much everyone. For those who have passed up the Winston Churchill cigars at a heftier price of $15 per stick, you can now get your hands on a fine Winston Churchill smoke at a reasonable price.



These cigars came packaged in a tin, with 4 cigars to the tin. Inside the tin, the cigars are each packaged in protective cellophane, which I have left intact.

This is the newest vitola within the Winston Churchill lineup. It comes on the heels of the success of another short vitola: the Spitfire, a 4-inch by 38 ring short panatela.

This is the second and final postscript review of these stogies.


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