La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet, Chisel

La Flor Dominicana, Cameroon Cabinet

Chisel, 6 x 52
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon


Review date 3/9/2012
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 90.4
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BACKGROUND: Back in 2007, president of La Flor Dominicana, Litto Gomez, released a small-batch Cameroon cigar. Packaged in boxes of 50, the band-less cigars were only available at select cigar retailers.

According to Litto, he had produced a few in years past, but stopped making them in 2004 because he wanted to let the Cameroon wrapper age a few more years. So when he unveiled them again in 2007 the wrapper was four years old and the name would become the Cameroon Cabinet,

Fast-forward a few years and the Cameroon Cabinet now sports a classy band, and comes in six different sizes.

The cigar consists of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobacco held together by a Dominican binder and then enveloped in a great-looking Cameroon wrapper.

LFD Cameroon Cabinet

When creating the current iteration of the Cameroon Cabinets, Litto wanted to reflect the La Flor Dominicana of today, which meant that he wanted a full-bodied blend. You can think of the La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet as a Cameroon stogie on steroids.

The cigar comes in six sizes including a quite rare Lancero. But perhaps the most sought-after shape and size is the one I'm featuring today. By popular demand, in December of 2011, La Flor Dominicana released the Cameroon Cabinet in its own quintessential vitola, the 6-inch by 52 ring gauge Chisel.

TASTING NOTES: During the first third the cigar started off quite mild on the palate with a hint of truffle and chocolate and a rather tame brand of spice. Many Cameroon-wrapped stogies will punch you out with a sharp spice, especially on the retrohale, but this one starts out very low key.

Another note about this particular vitola is the shape of the head. Dubbed the “chisel,” this is a shape that was created by Litto Gomez because he thought it was the perfect shape for comfort and smoking characteristics. It looks like a duckbill and I didn’t really like it when I first tried it many years ago, now. But, over the years, I’ve come to love this shape and it just sits nicely between the teeth.

The performance was rock solid. The draw was very smooth and nearly effortless. That's the way I like my draw because I don't like to fight with the draw or have my attention turned toward the draw for being too tight. The burn line was even and the nearly white ash held on for dear life. The ash was almost unnatural in appearance and looked like someone had covered it over with Spackle. Nevertheless I smoked this cigar along with two friends and we all experienced great draw, burn and ash characteristics.

LFD Cameroon Cabinet

FINAL THOUGHTS: The performance of this cigar really shines. It shows remarkable draw and burn characteristics and you literally have to break the ash off to get it to fall.

During the second half of the smoke the body and flavor of the cigar really picked up in intensity. The spice on the retrohale picked up as well and I started to reduce the amount of smoke I was retrohaling so as not to burn out my nasal mucosa.

This cigar seemed to be blended so that the flavors would slowly graduate in intensity and then crescendo at the end of the smoke. Many cigars are blended to give you a sharp hit at the beginning, but this one saved the best for last.

From a retail perspective, this would be a good cigar for someone who has never tried a Cameroon. It is easily approachable, especially at the beginning, and yet will graduate to the more traditional Cameroon spicy character as it progresses. This cigar should appeal to both newbie and experienced smokers, alike.



I bought these cigars in a batch of 10 cigars. They came individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves, which I have left intact. I put the batch together in a plastic cigar sack that I have left open to allow for airflow to the cigars. The batch of cigars is kept in my Aristocrat Mini cabinet humidor, with an active humidification system set at 68%RH. This the the first of two podcast reviews of these cigars, which have been resting in my humidor for 2.4 months.


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