La Gloria Cubana Rabito de Cochino, Lancero

La Gloria Cubana, Rabito de Cochino

Lancero, 6.5 x 46
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra


Review date 7/20/2012
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Overall 90.4
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BACKGROUND: Over the past 2 years, General Cigar Company has given over the creative design and product development of the La Gloria Cubana brand to “Team La Gloria.”

Spearheaded by Michael Giannini, team La Gloria has completely revamped, redesigned, retooled and re-schooled the product and the public’s perception, further reaffirming that La Gloria Cubana is back in a big way.

Named for its innovative “pig tail” head, the Rabito de Cochino exemplifies Team La Gloria’s interpretation of the Lancero frontmark.

Rabito de Cochino is a medium-bodied offering, made in the Dominican Republic, that features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and a hearty mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos to round out the blend.

Within the clear-front, coffin-style boxes are three Rabito de Cochino cigars, tied together with the signature La Gloria Cubana yellow ribbon. Each cigar, besides having a pig-tail head, also sports an uncut foot.

Along with the interesting production and packaging characteristics, Rabito de Cochino is also a bargain, selling for $15 per box of three, or only $5 per stick.

The Rabito de Cochino is a 6 ½” x 46 ring gauge Lancero.

La Gloria Cubana Rabito de Cochino

TASTING NOTES: This cigar is smooth and well-mannered with notes of fresh cut hay and roasted nuts on the finish. The retrohale lends floral notes to the mix and a great sense of balance is achieved while smoking this stick.

Even though this cigar has a thin ring gauge, the pearl gray ash held firm and was well-structured as I tapped off in 3/4 inch chunks. The draw was smooth and the cigar burned even throughout. I could find no complaints about the construction and burn.

As this cigar warmed up it started strutting its best stuff. Nice warm notes of spiced honey and fulminating floral aromas made this cigar stand out. I was able to coax huge amounts of smoke with each puff, which meant I could smoke slowly and at a very relaxed pace.

Though this cigar is light to medium in body and strength it is a solid medium in flavor. It is rich without being heavy on the palate. It is a complex and satisfying smoke, with plenty to offer the novice cigar smoker as well as the experienced enthusiast.

La Gloria Cubana Rabito de Cochino

FINAL THOUGHTS: During the second half, the cigar expressed more bright grassiness and white pepper spice that settled on the palate and remained on the finish. I also noted brief nuances of roasted nuts, which added more to the complex and nuanced character of this smoke.

This was a major league surprise from La Gloria and may perhaps become one of my everyday, go-to sticks. Because of its light body, this is a cigar that would be best smoked earlier in the day and/or or as the first cigar of a multi-cigar evening. Definitely smoke it early in your lineup so you can note the complexities of this fine cigar. The Rabito de Cochino is definitely a cigar to try. It is a well-constructed stick with an interesting and complex flavor profile.



This cigars come in a wooden coffin of three cigars. I have six of those coffins with a total of 18 cigars. I have left them in their individual coffins in my Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor. The cigars do not have cellophane wrappers, but instead are free to keep direct wraper-to-wrapper contact with the other cigars in the coffin.

This is the first of two podcast reviews of these cigars, which have been resting in my humidor for 1.5 months prior to this review.


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