Camacho SLR, Rothschild

Camacho, SLR

Rothschild, 4.5 x 50
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras


Review date 1/5/2007
Reviewer Blake (
Overall 90.7
Review # 0135
Cigar age 0 yr. 8.8 mo.


I was fortunate enough to find these cigars at my local B&M back in April of 2006. They had been hidden for some time since the packing date listed on the back of the box indicated 2003. These cigars are produced by Camacho Cigars from tobacco raised on their plantation in the Jamastrán Valley of Honduras.

The SLR Natural uses a silky, dark reddish-brown Sumatra wrapper. It has a nice oily sheen, and is slightly toothy in some small areas. One small vein spirals around the entire body of this lean stogie. Beneath the wrapper is Authentic Pinareño binder and filler. Camacho uses the term ”Authentic” to indicate that this tobacco was from the original seeds that left the Pinar del Rio region near the time of the Cuban embargo.

I clip the cap and take a pre-light draw. The draw is firm, but not obstructed. The pre-light aroma is feint with the aura of nuts and tobacco. After coaxing an acceptable coal at the foot, this cigar begins to provide me with light flavors of wood, with nutty undertones.

As I progress into the end of the first third, a light sweetness accompanies the smoke for a short time. By the halfway point, a light saltiness is detected in the wood flavor, but disappears after a few draws. The character then builds into espresso flavors, with woody undertones through the remainder of the experience. The finish is lingering, with medium-full bodied flavors of espresso and roasted nuts.

I was very impressed with how beautifully razor sharp the ash on this cigar develops. At first, it’s a salt and pepper color that quickly turns to pearl gray. The burn-line shows concentric rings, much like that of a tree, and is consistent around the circumference. On occasion, the cigar would develop an uneven burn, resembling a small “fish mouth”, but the cigar would correct itself with little or no help from me.

This has been a fun smoke; I enjoyed detecting the different characters that it possesses. Although the Camacho SLR Rothschild has been slightly inconsistent in burn from stick to stick, it is still a worthwhile experience to smoke this cigar. We’ll rate this one again in six months, and assign it an “Aging Potential Score”.



These cigars have been resting comfortably in my chest humidor at 70%RH. This is the third review in this series of the Camacho SLR Rothschild.

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