Camacho SLR, Rothschild

Camacho, SLR

Rothschild, 4.5 x 50
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras


Review date 4/28/2008
Reviewer Blake (
Overall 91.4
Review # 0152
Cigar age 2 yr. 0.8 mo.


I purchased these cigars in April of 2006, noticing the box had a packing date of 2003. With two years of aging on these sticks already, I knew that I had a good candidate for some long-term aging.

This Camacho SLR Natural uses a dark-brown Sumatra wrapper that is grown in the Jamastrán Valley of Honduras. It’s toothy, somewhat rough and leathery appearance encases a Pinareño binder and filler. This Pinareño leaf is also grown in the Jamastrán Valley, but is originally from the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba. Camacho states that this is “Authentic Pinareño”, meaning that it was grown from seeds originally from Cuba. They also go on to state that this is the only cigar outside of Cuba that uses this unique tobacco.

A nasal inspection of the wrapper and foot gives the aroma of peppery tobacco. I clip an ample portion from the cap and take a pre-light draw. The draw is deliberate, and provides nuances of nuts and ripe tobacco. Toasting and lighting the foot with my Z-Plus lighter, I settle in to explore what the 24 months of additional aging has done since I had acquired these cigars.

Medium nutty flavors accompanied by pepper spice sound the beginning of this cigar. As I progress further into the first third, the nutty flavor gives way slightly to allow the flavor of leather to enter into the equation. I sense a persistent peppery aftertaste throughout the smoke. After the halfway point, a light, fleeting sweet nuance is detected, but is soon a memory. In the last third of the experience, the leathery flavor deepens into the flavor of coffee. The cigar finishes medium-full in body, while delivering a long, full-flavor of coffee and pepper spice. On one occasion, the flavor turned sharp and bitter, but purging the cigar remedied this undesirable trait.

This cigar produced a pearl-gray ash that was razor sharp. Concentric rings developed along the body of the ash as it formed, neither cracking nor feathering as it progressed.
No unevenness in the burn line was noted. I did allow the ash to grow to over half the length of the cigar to see how well structured the ash was. While violating many laws of engineering, the laws of gravity finally took over, and allowed a dense pellet to fall and impact the floor with a resounding thud.

I think that this is a unique cigar that will not disappoint any smoker who can appreciate subtle character changes within a medium-full bodied cigar. Although this cigar has 5 years of age since its manufacture, its characters are holding up well with little, if any, decline in its primary profile. If anything, the power of the original blend has mellowed, allowing the characters to become more refined to the smoker. I believe the Camacho SLR Natural will provide plenty of flavor, challenging nuances, and consistency over years of additional aging.

AGING POTENTIAL SCORE: B = This cigar should age well over the next 5 years and is likely to develop further complexity and nuances



This cigar was originally placed in my chest humidor, but was transferred to my Aristocrat humidor 14 months ago. It has been aging at 68-72%RH and 64-72°F. This will be the fourth and final review of the Camacho SLR Rothschild.

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