Camacho SLR, Rothschild

Camacho, SLR

Rothschild, 4.5 x 50
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras


Review date 5/8/2006
Reviewer Blake (
Overall 89.0
Review # 0122
Cigar age 0 yr. 0.8 mo.


These beauties have been hard to find for over a year. This particular group that I found had been hidden at my local tobacconist, and forgotten for 3 years. The box date indicated March of 2003. I had struck a true treasure.

The SLR Natural uses Pinareño tobacco. Camacho calls it “Authentic” to indicate that it was of first generation seeds from the Pinar del Rio area of Cuba. It was lovingly grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras, but the seeds were from Cuba, a long, long time ago.

The Sumatra wrapper is a nice silky, brown color, still emitting the aroma of fermentation. No blemishes were noted, and I failed to detect any under-filled areas along the barrel.

I clipped this stogie and fired it up under the Texas sky with my Colibri Oscar. The foot glowed bright orange as I took the first of many puffs of this great cigar. Flavors of coffee and wood danced on my tongue, as a mild spiciness tickled my throat. The character remained steady throughout the smoke, but with an increase of intensity. The SLR is medium-full in body and strength, with a long finish.

The ash on this smoke was razor sharp, and I enticed it to remain perched for an inch-and-a-half. When I tapped it from its perch, it fell to the ground with almost a “Thud”. Amazingly, the ash did not disintegrate on impact. The burn of this stogie was even, yes Camacho fans, even. I did not even have to rotate the cigar to keep the burn progression steady. Is this a great cigar, or what?

If you can find the Camacho SLR natural, it is well worth the experience to smoke. You might want a few more to enjoy later, so stock up. We’ll rate this one again in three months.



These great smokes were purchased at a Camacho Cigar Tasting event, and have been in my chest humidor at 71% RH.

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