Cohiba Classic, Lonsdale Grande

Cohiba, Classic

Lonsdale Grande, 6.25 x 47
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon


Review date 12/16/2005
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 85.5
Review # 0184
Cigar age 0 yr. 0.4 mo.


The name of Cohiba conjures up memories of Cuban tobacco greatness: of strength, power, complexity. It also, probably, dredges up experiences of panhandlers pushing counterfeits on any street in any country of the world. No matter, the mystique of Cohiba is one of the cigar world’s explicit givens. The Dominican counterpart with the same name, has not achieved the same stature. The Dominican Cohiba comes in two varieties: the Red Dot, is the milder, and the XV (extra vigoroso) the fuller bodied. The Red Dot is an approachable cigar that can be enjoyed by those new to cigars as well as by those with more discerning and experienced palates.

The Cameroon wrapper, which gives the cigar its spiciness, is grown in the sub-tropical climate of West Africa. The Jember binder is grown in Indonesia and the filler tobacco is Piloto Cubano that is grown in the Dominican Republic.

This particular smoke had an oily, if somewhat mottled, wrapper that had a very pleasing earthy nose. The thin foot gave way easily to my butane torch: let the games begin.

Though the look, feel and aroma of the wrapper was delightful, the first inch of this smoke was bitter, like spice and grass on steroids. The burn was even and the draw was excellent however, and the cigar began to smooth out during the second third and gave way to the more characteristic woody, nutty, spiciness of the Cameroon wrapper.

The middle third of this cigar smoothed out considerably. Almost too smooth for me. The body is light to medium and the flavor medium. At this point the flavor hinges on the Cameroon wrapper, which I tend to like. But there is a lack of depth and complexity.

The final third of the smoke was the best. The flavors were very pleasant with a good blend of nuts, wood and spice. Hopefully the rough edges of the first two-thirds of this cigar will mellow with time.



These holiday gift packs included 3 cigars in a decorative wooden box, with a limited edition Cohiba-branded Xikar Xi2 cutter in a leather sheath. The cutter itself has a MSRP of $39.99, which makes the price of the package ($49.98) very attractive.

I stored the entire box in my cabinet humidor at 69% RH.

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