Cohiba Classic, Lonsdale Grande

Cohiba, Classic

Lonsdale Grande, 6.25 x 47
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon


Review date 4/6/2006
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 65.7
Review # 0185
Cigar age 0 yr. 4.1 mo.


This is my second review of cigars in this batch. They have now sat in my humidor for a bit over 4 months.

The cigar sports a Cameroon wrapper that is grown in the sub-tropical climate of West Africa. The Jember binder is grown in Indonesia and the filler tobacco is Piloto Cubano that is grown in the Dominican Republic.

The wrapper on this stogie was smooth, dark and just a bit oily. Not much of a nose to the wrapper, just a feint hint of spiciness and nuts.

After a quick snip with my Laguiole cigar scissors, I set the foot to light. The burn went immediately awry and the flavor was bitter and grassy. The draw seemed a bit tight and I couldn’t get much smoke through the cigar. I surmised that there may be some tunneling. I slowed down to see if the burn would right itself. It held an inch of ash, but I was still having trouble with the draw, so I tapped off the ash to take a peek inside. Under the ash was a fairly sharp coned ember and the burn was ragged. The removal of the ash let it draw and burn a bit better though.

The grassy bitterness of the cigar was much diminished during the second inch. However, because the draw did not improve, I was forced to draw harder and more frequently causing some bitterness to reemerge.

I finally decided to purge the cigar, which I rarely do, to see if I could burn off the nasty byproducts of fermentation. I torched the end of the cigar while blowing through it. I saw the characteristic multi-colored flame as I continued to aerate the cigar. This procedure removed most of the foul taste, but did not improve the burn. My next step was to let the cigar die out, while I massaged the poor beast to see if I could loosen up any plugs within. I then clipped of the foot and relit.

Unfortunately, on this day, nothing would revive this soldier, so I put it out of its misery and laid it to its final rest in an ashen grave at the bottom of my ashtray. This sometimes happens with cigars. They are a handmade product and no two cigars are identical. However, given my last review of a cigar from the same batch, I don’t have much optimism for the future of this batch. I will give it another try in 3 months.



This cigar came out of a holiday gift pack that included 3 cigars in a decorative wooden box, with a limited edition Cohiba-branded Xikar Xi2 cutter in a leather sheath. These have been stored in their wooden in my cabinet humidor at between 67-69% RH and at 65-72 degrees F.

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