Don Cirilo by Felipe Gregorio Habano, Reserva Familiar No. 2 (Torpedo)

Don Cirilo by Felipe Gregorio, Habano

Reserva Familiar No. 2 (Torpedo), 6 x 54
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Rosado


Review date 9/16/2013
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 87.7
Review # 0955
Cigar age 0 yr. 6.4 mo.


BACKGROUND: The Don Cirolo brand of cigars is made for Philip Wynne of Felipe Gregorio cigars. They are not new, but there is very little to be found out about these sticks, which is why I haven't featured them on my weekly podcast. I tried getting more info from Philip himself, but I never heard back from him. Nevertheless, I did want to review these cigars because they come at a decent price and provide an interesting option for smoker's looking for something new.

Don Cirilo Habano No. 2

Brand owner Philip Wynne named Don Cirilo after his wife’s great-grandfather who was a tobacco grower in the Dominican Republic. The cigar is made at a small factory in Tamboril and is a combination of Ecuadorian Habano-seed wrapper, Cameroon binder and Dominican filler.

These box-pressed stogies come in 4 sizes: The Reserva Familiar No. 1 is a 7 by 50 ring Churchill. The Reserva Familiar No. 3 is a 6 by 56 ring Toro; the Reserva Familiar No. 4 is a 5 by 50 Robusto and the cigar I'm reviewing today is the Reserva Familiar No. 2, a 6 by 54 ring gauge Torpedo.

Don Cirilo Habano No. 2

TASTING NOTES: The Don Cirilo Habano started with light and bright flavors of fresh cut hay, cedar and raw oats. The retrohale was spicy, with white pepper and nutmeg notes. There was also a nice touch of natural tobacco sweetness that I noticed on my palate on the finish.

Overall, the flavor profile was pleasant, but not earthshaking, nor ground breaking.

The draw was a little on the loose side as the puff resistance was too fluid. The burn line was blistered, but was basically even.

The ash was firm, but it flowered after I tapped off the first time. When I tapped off the second time, I saw why the the draw was a little loose; there was a big tunnel, dead-center in the filler tobacco. Surprisingly, this had only minor affects on the performance. I just had to slow my puff rate to keep the smoke from turning hot.

Don Cirilo Habano No. 2

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, this was a nice smoke. The flavors were lively and pleasant and the cigar displayed fairly good complexity and nuance.

I can say that the performance of this cigar (i.e., tunnel) was not a feature of the other samples I smoked. The performance can be described as "good" to "very good" based on the average of 3 samples I smoked for this review.

The cigar was light to medium in strength and medium to medium-full in body and flavor. The flavor and body definitely ramped up in the final third, without becoming harsh.

You can get a 5-pack of these at a $6.19 per stick price and if you buy a box, the per stick price will come in around $6.

My final assessment is: Buy 2-5 sticks and see if you like em.



These cigars have been waiting patiently in the singles drawer of my Aristocrat Mini cabinet humidor. The active humidification system is set at 68%RH and the summer time temps for the past 2.5 months have been between 67 and 74°F. This is the first review on these sticks which have now been resting a total of 6 months, 11 days in my humidor.


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