EH Cigars by Edgar Hoill EH Cultura, Pyramid

EH Cigars by Edgar Hoill, EH Cultura

Pyramid, 4.5 x 54
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano


Review date 1/2/2014
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 86.4
Review # 1020
Cigar age 0 yr. 6.7 mo.


BACKGROUND: After a brief hiatus, Edgar “One Shot, One Kill” Hoill has returned to the cigar business with his new brand, EH Cigars. And, after partnering with Christian Eiroa of CLE Cigars, Hoill has rolled out his inaugural line of stogies.

For those of you who don’t know, Hoill is a renowned photographer who is also known by his moniker, “One Shot, One Kill,” or simply, OSOK. This speaks to his ability to take a perfect photo on the first try.

If you’ve seen his photos, you’ll know that they elicit powerful sensory responses. You will see plenty of tats, lots of bling, and a full tilt urban lifestyle cachet.

EH Cigars Cultura Pyramid

His inaugural cigar line is available in three unique vitolas. The wrapper, binder and filler tobaccos are all from Nicaragua, but the blends vary according to shape and size. Each cigar has a unique taste due to its blending and unusual shape.

This review features the 4.5” by 54 ring gauge Cultura (Cultura) and it’s a true pyramid. That is, it’s widest at the foot and gradually and consistently tapers toward its smallest ring size at the head.

TASTING NOTES: This cigar displayed rich sweetness out of the gate that was impressive. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was memorable. Interestingly, I noted bitter espresso notes and a leathery texture that followed the sweetness on the palate. I also noted a touch of red chili pepper on my lips. Retrohaling the smoke produced toasted oak wood notes, pepper spice and a luxurious rum sweetness.

EH Cigars Cultura Pyramid

The construction and burn of this stick were close to perfect. The draw had just the right amount of resistance. The burn line was even and the ash was deeply striated and yet held firm until I tapped it off. I could also set this cigar on my ashtray for minutes at a time without fear of it extinguishing itself.

The Cultura proved to be very complex, in part due to its shape. As this pyramid continues to burn into smaller and smaller ring sizes, the blend ratios change, giving a different flavor experience every few puffs.

During the first half, this cigar proved to be a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns. The Cultura weighed in at medium-full in body, flavor and strength.

EH Cigars Cultura Pyramid

FINAL THOUGHTS: During the second half, the cigar developed an off taste. It tasted like tar, which is the build-up of incompletely burned resinous particles. This left a nasty taste in my mouth that overpowered other more delicate flavors. This may be one of the attributes of a tapered cigar, which funnels these particles into a smaller, constricted area. But since most pyramids don't display this bitterness, I decided to try something… I tried flame-purging the cigar and, sure enough, there was an explosion of flame, which pointed to incompletely fermented tobacco. That surprised me given that these cigars have been resting in my humidor since June. Nevertheless, when under-fermented tobacco particles build up during the smoke, they present as bitter flavors and the build up of nasty tasting tars. As a result, I put this cigar down a bit earlier than I normally would.

Given the great flavors that I tasted early on in the smoke, I am still optimistic about further aging these smokes. With the right amount of fermentation, these should be dynamite smokes. So, I will eagerly await my next review of the EH Cigars Cultura.

My final verdict is: Buy and hold for a few months before smoking.



These cigar are being kept in their original box of 10 inside my Aristocrat mini cabinet humidor. There is an active humidification system, which is set at 68%RH. Since I don't open and close this humidor that much, the humidity tends to be very stable.

This is the first review in a 2-review series. These sticks have been resting for 6 months and 26 days prior to this review.


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