Illusione, Cigares Privé

Robusto, 5 x 52
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo


Review date 9/6/2017
Reviewer jshaffer740 (Ohio)
Look and feel 85.0
Flavor and aroma 75.0
Burn and construction 75.0
Overall 76.5 Sponsors
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Pre-light: Wrapper looks great. Nice and even, with minimal veins. The triple cap looks well-applied. Feels quite firm. Cold draw gives lots of spicy pepper and raisins. Lit easily. Gives off lots of smoke at this stage. First Third: Draw is a bit firm, but not terrible. Starts with black pepper and red pepper. Small amount of sweetness on the retrohale. Some initial bitterness, like hops, that's neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Burn is wavy and uneven, and the smoke is light. The draw still feels too tight, and it seems like it will go out if I don't keep up on it. Some sweetness has entered, and the pepper has faded. The slight bitterness remains. The ash was flaky at first but now holds strong. Second third: The burn and smoke production have improved after a few touch ups. The sweetness remains. Some cedar has entered. There's a nice salty, nutty element. The bitterness is gone. The smoke is fairly chewy with some body. The background note is basic tobacco and perhaps a bit of nutmeg. Final third: Burn problems are back. The cigar tastes of ash and bitter pepper. There's still some sweetness, but the other flavors overwhelm it. Final thoughts: I honestly wouldn't buy this again if this was a representative example. But given the general praise of this cigar, perhaps this was just a bad example. I'll try another in the future, and I may consider dry boxing it. That might help the burn issues.

Smoke time 85 minutes
Cigar age 0 yr. 0 mo.
Price per stick $7.99
Review created: 9/7/2017Last modified: 9/7/2017


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