J. Fuego Gran Reserva No. 1, Toro

J. Fuego, Gran Reserva No. 1

Toro, 6 x 50
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras


Review date 11/19/2011
Reviewer vinnydisilvio (Canada)
Look and feel 88.0
Flavor and aroma 90.0
Burn and construction 93.0
Overall 90.8


To my knowledge, I haven't really smoked any of Jesus Fuego's blends. I've smoked the Xikar HC Connecticut (which I previously reviewed), but before the Gran Reserva I hadn't smoked anything in his line or anything else he's blended. I emphasize "to my knowledge" though, because sometimes you just don't know who blended what. So, with the knowledge that this was mostly undiscovered country, I pulled the Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1 out of my humidor. The aroma off the wrapper and foot was good but nothing out of the ordinary for a cigar. It just had a good, standard, faint barnyard aroma. I cut this cigar with my Shuriken cutter and sampled the cold draw. I couldn't quite place the flavor I got immediately, but I definitely felt the tingle of pepper on my lips. I'm not always fond of this, so I took a bit of a cautious approach to the cigar when lighting. I then lit the cigar with my Iroda torch. Upon lighting I was greeted with a somewhat familiar cedar and pepper flavor. These are the flavors I've been noticing on many cigars recently. It definitely wasn't unpleasant, but nothing caught me by surprise here. However, somewhere within the first inch the pepper quickly faded, though not entirely disappearing, and flavors of citrus and coffee showed up. This wasn't bad at all. I quite enjoyed it. And the draw and burn were both superb. I didn't notice any changes until late in the second third when I started noticing faint and fleeting flavors of coconut and chocolate, with some nuttiness and earthiness. All good stuff. I then proceeded to smoke this cigar until just about the very nub. All along the flavors were relatively consistent, to match the draw and burn, and it was a pretty good medium-full bodied cigar. I would definitely try a J.Fuego again and look forward to seeing what else his line of cigars has to offer. I would recommend this one to anyone who enjoys corojo. Thanks very much to Doc Diaz for sending this to me in a contest prize pack!

Smoke time 110 minutes
Cigar age 9 yr. 2 mo.
Price per stick N/A


Review created: 11/21/2011Last modified: 11/21/2011

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