Joya de Nicaragua Cunning, Robusto

Joya de Nicaragua, Cunning

Robusto, 5 x 50
Country: Ecuador


Review date 5/31/2018
Reviewer GunnyJ (US)
Look and feel 96.0
Flavor and aroma 85.0
Burn and construction 95.0
Overall 90.2 Sponsors
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OK Gents! The Joya de Nicaragua Cunning (from what I can tell) is only available from Famous Smoke. I bought a five pack a year and a half ago. Back then I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting something similar to its cousin Merciless. But the Cunning is a pretty mild smoke in comparison to the strength and spice of the Merciless. So I put a pair into the "Cigar Locker" (my humidor to put sticks into and forget about them). A couple of nights ago I decided to remove six cigars from the Cigar Locker to create more airflow and the pair of Cunning sticks came out. The Cunning cigars I have are robustos, which is what I was in the mood for tonight (while drinking Lagunitas 12th of Never ale). Not having this cigar in so long (and being previously disappointed by its mildness) I can say I was completely surprised. The wrapper felt like really old paper, smooth and soft to the touch. For me, few wrappers really gain my attention...the toothiness of some Padrons, the leather-like feel of the EP Carillo Inch...this one just felt really good to hold. And it looked as good as it felt...a well made cigar that just felt good (sorry to repeat myself). This stick had a good pepper start to wake up the senses but it quickly mellowed out. Lots of good smoke output. Burn and construction? I fired it up at 8:55 PM and put it down at 10:00 PM, only because I had smoked it to a nub. This stick had a straight burn line for the entire time and I only knocked the ashes off twice. Solid burn and construction. If you have a Saturday or Sunday morning where you can read the paper and have a mug of coffee and want a cigar, this is that cigar! And the price is good too (no, I don't work for Famous). This year and a half aged smoke delivered all the way around! I'm buying more. Get you some and let us know what you think.

Smoke time 65 minutes
Cigar age 2 yr. 6 mo.
Price per stick $2.60
Review created: 6/1/2018Last modified: 6/1/2018


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