Liga Privada by Drew Estate Unico Serie, L40 Lancero

Liga Privada by Drew Estate, Unico Serie

L40 Lancero, 7 x 40
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: USA/Connecticut Habano


Review date 6/2/2014
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 91.0
Review # 1040
Cigar age 0 yr. 5.6 mo.


BACKGROUND: Jonathan Drew and his team of blenders had been working on a blend for a Lancero for about a year. They had narrowed down the blends to just two, which were representative of the type of blends that you typically see with Lanceros. But they didn’t pull the trigger.

Jonathan noted that, even though the Lancero blends they were working on were equivalent to others found in the marketplace, he didn’t produce any of them because they weren’t a blend that he felt he would smoke everyday.

Liga Privada by Drew Estate L40 Lancero

They went back to the drawing board and ended up making a Lancero that they felt had a tremendous amount of complexity and nuance that Jonathan felt was seldom seen in a Lancero blend. He went on to say, “I’ll admit I had to cheat a little bit. The Lancero is a 40 ring gauge instead of a 38 ring gauge like most traditional Lanceros. I couldn’t accomplish the flavor profile that I wanted in a 38.”

The L40 is part of the Liga Privada Unico line of cigars. These are cigar blends that are produced in only one size and represent a blend that is optimized for that particular size.

This review features the 7-inch by 40 ring gauge, Liga Privada L40 Lancero.

Liga Privada by Drew Estate L40 Lancero

TASTING NOTES: The L40 exploded out of the gate with big flavors of Baker's cocoa and espresso bean. Retrohaling added strong earthy sweetness and notes of bourbon and light pepper spice. The US/Connecticut Habano wrapper was earthy and savory and there were bittersweet characters to the smoke.

The draw was perfect and the burn line, though slightly blistered, was even. I really couldn't have asked for better performance from this stick.

Liga Privada by Drew Estate L40 Lancero

Through the first half, I'd say this cigar was medium-full in body and flavor and medium in strength.

FINAL THOUGHTS: During the second half, the L40 displayed the same great flavor profile as in the first half, but was mellower and more approachable. The retrohale was almost floral in character and displayed notes of molasses and less black pepper.

Liga Privada by Drew Estate L40 Lancero

The L40 Lancero is a killer smoke and should appeal to a broad cross-section of cigar smokers. The performance was also outstanding and should provide an hour of smoking pleasure. The only bad thing I can think of is that you may have trouble finding these cigars. Even so, they are worth putting on your buying list and I recommend that you look around until you find them.

Final verdict: Buy a handful, smoke some now and hold some back for future aging.



These cigars have been stored inside their original box of 15 cigars inside my repurposed wine cooler cabinet humidor. The cigars come without cellophane sleeves, so the best protection I can give them is to leave them in their box along with others of their kind.

This is the first of two podcast reviews on these cigars,which have been resting in my humidor for 5 months and 18 days.


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