Nomad Connecticut Fuerte, Robusto

Nomad, Connecticut Fuerte

Robusto, 5 x 50
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut


Review date 7/2/2014
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 92.2
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BACKGROUND: When founder Fred Rewey set out to create a Connecticut-wrapped cigar, he didn’t want “just another” Connecticut cigar on the market. He wanted it to be something “different.” The result was a two-year journey that Rewey said, “left my ego shattered and rebuilt.” He came away from the process realizing that blending a Connecticut cigar was tough.

My first experience with this cigar was in the Dominican Republic. Fred gave me a cigar to try and I loved it. However, the experience of smoking almost any cigar in one of the great cigar countries of the world is sometimes misleading. The whole experience of being in the Caribbean, enjoying the fun in the sun and the rest of the features of the tropical environs, can make any decent cigar taste like a million bucks. I needed to revisit the Nomad Connecticut Fuerte while back in my normal routine and it did not disappoint.

Nomad Connecticut Fuerte Robusto

This cigar is made in the Dominican Republic using an Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper, an Ecuadorian Habano binder and is filled with Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

The Connecticut Fuerte comes in 4 sizes and the one that I’m reviewing today is the 5.5-inch by 54 ring gauge Robusto.

Nomad Connecticut Fuerte Robusto

TASTING NOTES: The Connecticut Fuerte Robusto started with grassy notes with an extra zing of spice on the palate. Retrohaling brought out cedar notes and a combination of white and black pepper spice.

It was nice that the retrohale wasn’t over-the-top. A lot of times retrohaling a spicy cigar will blow out your nasal mucosa, but retrohaling the Connecticut Fuerte was manageable and gave a smooth and spicy sensation.

At the one-third mark, I noticed a roasted nut character and a dash of red pepper spice on the finish.

The draw was absolutely ideal on this stick, with just the right amount of resistance. Interestingly, the ash was a dark charcoal gray and it held firm for me to tap off in 1-inch chunks.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Connecticut Fuerte Robusto was a spicy little devil and displayed white, black and red pepper spice throughout the course of the smoke. With the balancing flavors of nuts and cedar, the cigar sported good complexity.

Nomad Connecticut Fuerte Robusto

This cigar also had some horsepower with the extra Nicaraguan ligero; just enough to give it a kick and differentiate its flavor profile from a host of other Connecticut wrapped sticks. The Connecticut Fuerte weighed in at medium in strength, medium-full in body and medium-full in flavor.

At a price of around $8.00 per stick, the Connecticut Fuerte is a cigar to try. The Fuerte Robusto will get you through your morning coffee and will hold up well as a first or second cigar in a multi-cigar herf. The jury is still out on whether or not these will hold up to another year of aging, but you can be sure I will revisit them to find out.

Final verdict: Buy, try and enjoy.



These Robustos are being stored in the singles drawer of my Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor. The set and forget humidification system is set for 68%RH. The summer time temps can average 72°F, but usually range between 67-72°F.

This is the first of two review on these sticks, which have been resting a total of 4 months and 4 days in my humidor.


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