Padilla Vintage Reserve, Double Robusto

Padilla, Vintage Reserve

Double Robusto, 5 x 54
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: USA/Pennsylvania Broadleaf


Review date 8/28/2016
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 92.0
Review # 1192
Cigar age 0 yr. 4.9 mo.


BACKGROUND: The Padilla Vintage Reserve is a special cigar from the ground up. It is the first special edition release from Padilla since their partnership with Oliva Cigar Co. began in mid-2012.

Rolled at Tabacalera Oliva in Nicaragua, the Vintage Reserve utilizes well-aged tobaccos harvested from the upper primings of the tobacco plant. Padilla Vintage Reserve begins with a natural reddish-brown Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper. Ernesto Padilla said the broadleaf wrapper wouldn’t be jet-black, but rather a reddish-brown color. According to Padilla, this particular wrapper wasn’t heated to the same level as other maduros. “It’s not fully cooked,” he said. “This is a natural broadleaf. There’s not a lot of it, and working it takes more time.”

Padilla Vintage Reserve Double Robusto

The wrapper sits inside a Nicaraguan Habano binder, while the filler is a blend of 3-year-aged Cuban-seed Corojo leaves. This small-run, box-pressed release is special, and it's rare. Production is limited to 500 boxes a month.

Ernesto Padilla has stated that the design of this blend was intended to match the quality of cigars made back in the day of super premiums.

The cigars retail for around $10 each and each cigar, as well as each box, is individually numbered.

TASTING NOTES: This cigar launched with light hay notes and sweet spice on the palate. Retrohaling added a good dose of sweet corn and a leathery texture.

Padilla Vintage Reserve Double Robusto

This was an easy cigar to smoke. The draw was fluid with just the right amount of resistance. The burn line was raggedy and blistered, but I expected as much from this thick wrapper leaf. The ash appeared solid, but had a tendency to drop off unexpectedly. Those minor issues notwithstanding, there was nothing significant to complain about with the overall construction and burn.

During the first half, this cigar weighed in at medium-full in body, flavor and strength.

FINAL THOUGHTS: During the second half the Padilla Vintage Reserve was just as delightful as the first half. I would say that the black pepper spice was ramped up on the retrohale, but the other flavors were all intact. The cigar’s performance was stellar all the way to the end and the flavor profile was balanced between spicy, sweet and earthy.

The Vintage Reserve is a solid smoke in all respects. From construction and burn performance, to flavor profile, this is a stick that is ready for prime time. I can recommend this stick to most any palate. However, the price may be a sticking point. This is not really a limited edition stick, nor is it a small batch. It is certainly not a vintage cigar, by any standard definition. So, the price is a legitimate barrier for me. That said, this is still a great tasting smoke that would be enjoyed by most seasoned smokers and only you can be the judge if it is worth the price.

Padilla Vintage Reserve Double Robusto

This cigar would pair well with a host of libations. I would happily pair it with aged bourbon, rum or scotch. It should also match well with most blended whiskeys. I would really love to try this alongside a good craft beer, especially stouts, porters and IPA’s. Finally, I can see myself lighting this up in the morning or after dinner alongside my favorite coffee blend.

The Padilla Vintage Reserve is a refined smoke and one that is sure to please a wide range of cigar smokers.

Final verdict: Buy a few and decide for yourself if this will be a regular visitor to your home humidor.



These cigars are being kept inside my custom Vanderburgh desktop humidor. Since they come without cellophane sleeves, I have put them inside a small cigar sack that preserves their aromas while still allowing some air circulation from the humid air inside the humidor.

This is the first review of these sticks, which have been aging in my humidor for 4 months and 25 days.


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