Padron Series Natural, 2000 Robusto

Padron, Padron Series Natural

2000 Robusto, 5 x 50
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua


Review date 2/27/2006
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 89.5
Review # 0505
Cigar age 0 yr. 1.3 mo.


Aged for a minimum of 2 and a half years prior to delivery to retailers, the Padrón Series line is purported to be a medium to full-bodied smoke.

The specimen that I am holding is rugged looking with a wavy bumpy wrapper that smells of chicken coop. [Anybody that has ever raised chickens knows AND LOVES this smell.] In fact, I remember a famous quote from a movie: “I love the smell of chicken coop in the morning.” Or, something like that. Anyway, the wrapper, besides being a bit roughed up, had a rather large vein that looked like a pencil lead running under the surface of the cigar. In short, my prelight feelings about this Padrón are mixed. The body of the cigar is firm to the touch and just supple enough to seem fresh.

So, I decide to light this thing. After trimming I torch the foot and take my first few puffs: wonderful. This little cigar is spicy and bursting with flavors from the outset.

The light gray ash is sticky and holds on for dear life. The draw, both prelight and after the first few puffs, is near perfect. The first third of the smoke is medium-bodied and very flavorful, with just enough of a bite to keep your full attention. This thing is burning like a gem. I tap off the ash at the 1-inch mark and it falls flush, the burning tip of the smoke is a thin black line.

The “pencil lead” turns out to be a stem, at an odd location at that: right at the mouth-end of the smoke. It’s irritating at least. About a third of the way through, I am greeted with a slight sweetness in the tobacco and the flavors seem to coat my tongue. This is a lively little smoke.

At the midway point, I get a little bitterness. Not much, but enough to suggest that this cigar can use a bit more aging. The flavors on the palate are long; like a good Bourbon is long in the throat.

This is a hearty smoke and a great value. The overall quality of this smoke tells me that this is the perfect cigar to buy and to age.



After receiving a box of these cigars, I put the box into my Aristocrat cabinet humidor. After one week, I removed the cellos and returned the cigars to their original box for a rest. This is the first review of the cigars in this batch. They have aged for about 1.5 months in my humidor.


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