Padron Series Natural, 2000 Robusto

Padron, Padron Series Natural

2000 Robusto, 5 x 50
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua


Review date 9/1/2006
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 88.6
Review # 0517
Cigar age 0 yr. 7.5 mo.


This little cigar is nothing much to look at. Definitely nothing to jump up and down and write home about. But, don’t ever let looks deceive you when dealing with Padrón cigars... of ANY type or size. Padrón knows how to make cigars and their quality control is consistently great.

I give this specimen the once over. The feel is firm throughout and the nose is faintly reminiscent of alfalfa. I can see some ligero filler tobacco swirled amongst the rest of the filler.

After clipping the nub, I take a couple of pre-light draws, which are perfect, and then proceed to torch the foot. The cigar lights easily and my first couple of puffs are rewarded with a nutty spiciness and a lingering woody finish.

I allow an inch of ash to form before tapping off, the ash falling in a perfect pellet. The flavor and body of this cigar are medium and I am finding a cedar flavor that dominates the first half of the cigar. The cigar is drawing perfectly and the burn is even and casts a thin burn line.

The second half of the smoke brings a bit of sweetness that teases my tongue and makes me want to smack my lips, and I do. The sweetness tempers the dry, woody flavors of the first half and makes the smoke much more interesting.

My final thoughts are that this cigar is just a wonderful smoke for anyone wishing a medium bodied cigar. It’s a great value and it is aging gracefully and clearly holds up well with time in the humidor.



After receiving a box of these cigars, removed the cello restraints and placed the cigars individually in a drawer of my Aristocrat cabinet humidor. The first couple of months, the cigars spent in their original box. But to save space, I decided to allow them to lay peacefully in a Spanish Cedar drawer. This is the third review of the cigars in this batch. They have now been resting for 7.5 months in my humidor.


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