Padron Series Natural, 2000 Robusto

Padron, Padron Series Natural

2000 Robusto, 5 x 50
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua


Review date 6/10/2006
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 88.5
Review # 0513
Cigar age 0 yr. 4.7 mo.


Padrón has an outstanding reputation for manufacturing a high quality cigar. Their quality control is a work of art, in itself. I have smoked very few, if any, Padrón’s that were plugged, or that didn’t draw and burn near perfectly. This Padrón Series Robusto is aged for a minimum of 2 and a half years prior to delivery to retailers and is purported to be a medium to full-bodied smoke.

This particular stogie has been sitting in my humidor for nearly 5 months and this is the second in a series of reviews of cigars in this batch.

The appearance of this cigar is nothing that stirs the emotions. It carries the patina of rustic furniture and I would say it has a weathered look. There are no oils evident on the wrapper, but the cigar is firm with just a hint of “spring” to the touch. Though the cigar stops far short of butt ugly, it’s still nothing I would nominate for a “best looking” award.

That said, I am committed to lighting this dwarf, so I lay waste to the cap with my cutter and torch the foot. The light is easy and the burn even. The draw is very smooth and billows of white smoke issue from the lit foot when I puff.

The first few puffs are a bit grassy and that settles into a dry but pleasant note of toasted oats. The ash holds on for an inch, until a low-flying bee startles me enough that I drop the ash on the deck. I give it a 9.5 for a graceful dive.

There is a hint of medium-roast coffee and just enough sweetness to make me want to smack my lips. So I do. The body is medium, as are the flavors, which linger long and layer my palate. Offhand I’d say that I prefer the Padrón Series maduro over the natural. I like the sweet tang of the maduro flavors. Nevertheless, this is a lively little cigar that I would recommend for those who like medium bodied cigars.

The burn and draw on this cigar have been rock solid, which I have come to expect in a Padrón. The dryness of the smoke on the palate, though not unpleasant, makes me want to pair it with a thirst quenching libation, like a soda or water (or sodawater, heh heh), rather than an alcohol beverage.

Overall, this is a nice smoke, which I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again and would recommend to others.



After receiving a box of these cigars, I put the box into my Aristocrat cabinet humidor. After one week, I removed the cellos and returned the cigars to their original box for a rest. After a couple months, I put all of the remaining cigars together into the pullout drawer of the cabinet. This is the second review of the cigars in this batch. They have aged for about 4.7 months in my humidor.


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