Regius of London White Label, Toro

Regius of London, White Label

Toro, 6 x 50
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Habano Vuelta Arriba


Review date 4/21/2014
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 86.1
Review # 1048
Cigar age 1 yr. 3.7 mo.


BACKGROUND: This review features the Regius White Label Toro. After more than a year of extra aging since my last review, these sticks now have a total of 1 year, 3 months and 24 days.

Regius White Label Toro

The Regius White Label was released in 2013 and is the second cigar in their portfolio. The inaugural blend was a Nicaraguan puro made by Nestor Placensia in his factory in Estelí, while the White Label is a Dominican puro made by another icon in the cigar industry–Manuel Quesada–at his factory in the Dominican Republic. The cigar features a Dominican Habano Vuelta Arriba wrapper.

The cigar I’m reviewing today is the 6-inch by 50-ring-gauge Toro.

Regius White Label Toro

TASTING NOTES: The White Label Toro charged out of the gate with huge fullness of flavor and body. On the palate, the cigar displayed notes of oak wood, coffee and black pepper spice. Notes of vanilla and rum balanced these earthy flavors. Retrohaling brought out roasted nuts and more black pepper. This flavor profile was quite similar to what I noted in my first review over a year ago.

A year ago, I made the comment that this was one of the best performing sticks I’d had in quite some time. But, this time around I had a major burn problem with my second sample that caused the burn line to go way out of whack. What started as 2 medium-sized tunnels, converged into one of the most cavernous tunnels I’ve ever seen. I ended up letting the cigar go out and knocked out big chunks of ash that were burning unevenly and then re-lit the cigar.

Remarkably, the draw of the cigar stayed pretty even until I reached the center of the tunnel and then the draw became a bit hollow.

Regius White Label Toro

The White Label Toro displayed a long and strong finish. During the first half I would say this cigar was medium-full in body and strength and full in flavor.

FINAL THOUGHTS: During the second half I continued working through the tunnel. Overall, I have smoked 6 of these cigars and 5 of the 6 cigars burned well and the construction was solid in all but one. I smoked 2 cigars for this review. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a third sample available to give this a tiebreaker.

In the second half, the White Label Toro became fuller in body and had a huge impact on the palate. The flavors were thick on my palate and the pepper spice continued to be prominent.

All in all, the Regius White Label is an excellent smoke. The White Label is surprisingly complex for a cigar that is so full in body and flavor.

Regius White Label Toro

Because the White Label is full in body and flavor, I would not recommend it for new cigar smokers. It would be best for those who like their cigars big and bold.

You can pair this cigar with aged Bourbon, Flor de Caña rum (i.e., dry rums) and full-bodied craft beers. Although I had a burn issue with my last sample, I can still recommend this cigar highly.



These cigars are currently being stored inside a plastic cigar sack on one of the middle shelves of my Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor. They also came with individual cellophane sleeves, which I have left intact.

The cabinet has a set-and-forget, active humidification system, which is set at 68%RH. Temperatures range from 65-72°F.

This is the first of two podcast reviews of these stogies, which have been resting in my humidor for 1 month, 19 days prior to this review.


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