Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon, Toro

Rocky Patel, Decade Cameroon

Toro, 6.5 x 52
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Cameroon


Review date 5/27/2019
Reviewer GunnyJ (US)
Look and feel 93.0
Flavor and aroma 91.0
Burn and construction 87.0
Overall 89.9


OK gents...this stick was aged almost 4 years. I'm not a fan of Rocky Patel due to too many past disappointments, but this smoke was nice. I punched it and revealed what looked like a tunnel but the cold draw was firm so OK...The wrapper had two blemishes but other than that it looked great. The ash fell within two inches so to me (someone who keeps the ash on as long as possible) this seemed a slight drawback construction-wise since you can get better ash from many other smokes (I like a nice ash...). Flavor was consistent and to me, even though this is subjective, I tasted cherry. Not a lot, but that's all my brain went back to...but in a good way. The burn was a bit wonky for the entire smoke (back to construction). AND...that "tunnel" I saw when I punched it opened up in the second 3rd...felt like I was smoking through a straw for a while. It did close in the third 3rd. I will say this...after the second 3rd the bands pulled off cleanly and easily. I've been noticing that is not the case in a lot of cigars lately (looking at you Casa Fernandez and Padron). I hate battling bands... Overall, for an RP, I liked the flavors and the smoke/smoke output, and I really enjoyed it. This stick was a freebie at the last Cigarnival so I don't know if the age helped it or if it is that much better than the other RP's I've had. Would I smoke another that's almost 4 years old? Absolutely! Would I pay the price in money and space to age one 4 years to smoke again? Meeeeh, no...

Smoke time 110 minutes
Cigar age 4 yr. 1 mo.
Price per stick N/A
Review created: 5/28/2019Last modified: 5/28/2019

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