SACS Cigars Anacaona, Perfecto

SACS Cigars, Anacaona

Perfecto, 5 x 51
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut


Review date 8/14/2013
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 91.4
Review # 0990
Cigar age 0 yr. 4 mo.


BACKGROUND: The story of SACS Cigars began in the early 19th Century when the Cuevas Family, originally from Spain, settled in Vuelta Abajo province of Pinar del Rio in Cuba. The Vuelta Abajo is well known as the region that produces the very best tobacco and that produces all the leaves needed to make a Havana cigar.

Early in the 1980’s the Cuevas family migrated to the United States from Cuba taking with them generations of cigar making traditions and experience. Soon afterwards, the family found the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic and realized that this fertile soil would provide the perfect conditions to continue their Cuban cigar legacy.

Anacaona Perfecto

The Cuevas Family established Tabacalera Cuevas y Hermanos and began crafting premium cigars with Cuban seed tobacco known as “Piloto Cubano.”

The Anacaona premium line was named after, and inspired by, a woman of the same name, who was a chief of the Taíno Indians on the island of Hispaniola, which is now the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Not only was she in charge of her tribe, she was well respected by her people and was also revered as a brave warrior and leader.

The Anacaona cigar blend includes a special mix of Cuban seed tobacco grown, processed and aged by Sergio Cuevas in the Taíno homeland of the Dominican Republic. This blend is then wrapped in a flawless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Today I'm reviewing the 5-inch by 51 ring gauge Perfecto.

Anacaona Perfecto

TASTING NOTES: The Anacaona is light and delicate from the outset. The initial flavors were of roasted nuts and a buttery natural tobacco sweetness. Retrohaling the smoke brought out light wood notes. The cigar was easy on the palate and nose when retrohaling and I can’t think of a single reason why most people wouldn’t find this a delightful smoke.

The thing that really impresses me about these perfectos is the awesome construction. Every one of these that I have smoked to date has had a perfect draw, perfect burn and has thrown an ash as long as you want it to go. You could literally smoke through an entire cigar without having to ash. And when the ash falls, it stays in a perfectly formed pellet.

The Anacaona is light in body and strength and is medium to medium-full in flavor.

Anacaona Perfecto

FINAL THOUGHTS: During the second half, the cigar expressed more of a hop character that gave me a bite on the back of my palate. It continued to express a light wood character and to show a good deal of natural tobacco sweetness.

Otherwise, the cigar progressed in body and strength, perhaps reaching medium in both categories. It remained medium to medium-full in flavor.

Although I don’t smoke a lot of light cigars, this one was just a pleasure to smoke. Its construction was rock solid and there was nothing not to like about its flavor and body profile. It reminded me of some of my favorite light-bodied Davidoff’s that I so love to smoke along with a good cup of coffee, a glass of Chardonnay or even a glass of Champagne.

Anacaona Perfecto

I highly recommend the Anacaona as the perfect introduction into cigar smoking or as the first cigar in a multi-cigar lineup, or simply as a great light-bodied smoke. It is delicate, nuanced and delicious.

At a suggested retail price of $7 per stick, this is a no-brainer to buy and try.



These cigar are resting in their original hinge-top wooden box inside my Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor. The set-and-forget humidification system is set at 68%RH and the summertime temperatures range between 68-74°F.

This is the first of two podcast on these cigars, which have been in my humidor for 4 months prior to this review.


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