Tatuaje Havana VI, Nobles (Robusto)

Tatuaje, Havana VI

Nobles (Robusto), 5 x 50
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano


Review date 8/24/2014
Reviewer live4cigars (NYC)
Look and feel 75.0
Flavor and aroma 95.0
Burn and construction 95.0
Overall 92.0


4.5*, Superb, looked funky with large veins and a cap that seemed ready to fall off, but once lit, concerns vanished. Very distinctive flavor unlike others, that started as a 4* stick upon first draw. Initial dark chocolate & cinnamon was delicious and made my eyebrows rise and grunt with surprised pleasure. I usually avoid judging a stick by the first half inch due to the bitter early draws on retrohale, so this one was a surprise and seemed to promise a great deal more. I was not disappointed as the 1st 3rd developed a smoother, mellow richness and the spice subsided somewhat for an unexpectedly creamy full body with medium flavor and moderate strength of no nicotine rush and little if any stomach or throat impact. Impressive! The 2nd 3rd deepened the flavors in a truly beautiful manner as the dark chocolate transitioned to an unsweetened cocoa with slight spice that reminded me of milder Mexican baking chocolate. This is a beautifully complex smoke! The final 3rd built up intensity as expected but stayed just on the milk chocolate side instead of bitterness of dark. It infused my lips with that familiar spice burn, but it lacked the kind of impact that even the best cigars develop on the lower lip. What a treat! In fact I was burning my fingers as I wrote so did something very rare for me and have the cigar in a holder so I can smoke until it is dust! And this stick is the entry level for Tatuaje?! I can't wait to explore every aspect of this brand! I am a MOW, Diesel, Garcia, Room 101, and 601 fan, so the subtlety of this brand really made me pay greater attention and reminded me abit of Ave Maria's Reconquista for its combo of strength and complexity, but I got this stick in a sampler for a measly $3! Smart marketing, cause they got me all in for trying alot more. Phew!

Smoke time 35 minutes
Cigar age 6 yr. 6 mo.
Price per stick $3.00
Review created: 8/24/2014Last modified: 8/30/2014

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