Alec Bradley Black Market, Gordo (Toro Gordo)

Alec Bradley, Black Market

Gordo (Toro Gordo), 6 x 60
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Nicaragua


Review date 2/3/2012
Reviewer Fermented Artistry (Harrisburg,PA)
Look and feel 87.0
Flavor and aroma 89.0
Burn and construction 83.0
Overall 86.6 Sponsors
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Caught up with a friend for some beer and cigars last Friday and he whips out this monster stick for me to try. Look and Feel: This baby was huge, not my typical size of cigar to smoke but every once and a while you need to break away from your status quo. A dull army greenish wrapper covers most of the body so before I could get a better look I had to peel it off. A nice chocolate colored brow with a few large veins here and there but overall its girthy yet sleek looking. I was warned that my buddy's humidor has been struggling to keep humidity so there was a chance for some uneven burning. I gave a few pinches up and down the stick and I actually heard a slight crack near the foot which worried me a little bit. I did end up putting a slight crack near the foot. Cutter: Pailo Lighter: Vector Triple Flame Libation: Dogfish Head Noble Rot Saison First Half: Started off a little wonky since I put that tiny crack in on the feel, but I got it under control in a matter of a few mins and we were off to the races. So after that was over I was greeted with a huge array of roasted nuts and to be more specific warm lightly salted cashews. On the retrohale I can get toasted oak and something that resembles cloves and pepper but not even close to being overpowering. Second Half: I have a fair amount of time into this one before the second half really picked up. More spice is coming into play like a faint ginger or curry Indian spice. When I try to retro hale this time a leather flavor is coming out and presents more of a natural earthy tone. Just the faintest form of charred meat is making my lips tingle a little bit and I am glad to say this is another great stick from AB Overall: Good construction minus the little follie from my friends dry humidor and my over squeezing it. Not sure what he paid for it but it was a LONG smoke that lasted me just under three hours and was well worth it!

Smoke time 170 minutes
Cigar age N/A
Price per stick N/A
Review created: 2/13/2012Last modified: 2/13/2012

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