Lou Rodriguez Edicion Reserva, Bom Bom box-pressed

Lou Rodriguez, Edicion Reserva

Bom Bom box-pressed, 4.75 x 42
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas Negro (Maduro)


Review date 11/18/2012
Reviewer Doc (
Overall 91.5
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DESCRIPTION: Lou Rodriguez is an emergency room doctor, of Cuban decent, who partnered with Gregorio Vasquez and his son in Esteli, Nicaragua to make the Lou Rodriguez brand of cigars. Much of the tobacco for the cigars is grown in Nicaragua and the sticks are manufactured in the Vasquez factory in Estelí.

I featured the Edición Premier on the Stogie Fresh 5 podcast and I ranked it #5 on my Favorite New Cigars of 2011 list. I have been consistently impressed with this original blend. But what about today’s featured stick, the Edición Reserva? Well, it is quite literally cut from the same cloth as the Premier.

Lou Rodriguez Edicion Reserva Bom Bom

On his last visit to my home, Lou told me that he decided on the blend for the Reserva over the phone with Gregorio Vasquez. While at home in the states and with Vasquez in Nicaragua, Lou said he would like to have the same great blend found in the Edición Premier, but with more horsepower. So, they decided to bump up the filler blend with more ligero to see what that produced and they were delighted with the results.

The blend consists of Nicaraguan filler and binder and a sweet Mexican Maduro from the San Andres Valley as the wrapper. Besides the tweaking of the blend, the cigar is distinguished from its Edición Premier brother by a green foot band, which says Edición Reserva.

This week's featured Reserva is the 4.75-inch by 42 ring gauge Bom Bom.

Lou Rodriguez Edicion Reserva Bom Bom

TASTING NOTES: The first thing I always think of when tasting this cigar and the first thing that many other people notice when I give them one to smoke, is the huge impact it has on the palate. People will always say that this cigar is very flavorful. It literally bursts on your palate with flavors of coffee, cocoa, and an earthy sweetness. The retrohale is smoky, oaky and chock full of espresso and black pepper spice.

This cigar is medium-full in body and strength and full in flavor. The performance was solid with a smooth draw and a ragged but overall even burn line. The ash was nearly black and rather flaky so I tapped off early and often. One thing to note about the performance is that, since the Reserva has more ligero tobacco in the filler, it will tend to burn less evenly, but that should not detract from the appeal of the cigar and is merely a typical feature of fuller-bodied smokes, especially those with smaller ring gauges. The other offshoot of the extra ligero means that it will limit the complexity of the smoke, especially when compared to the Edición Premier, which is lighter in body and strength and as a result, displays more complex flavors. Nevertheless, the Reserva is the kind of cigar you smoke after a meal or when imbibing rich and heavy libations. So, this is an example of the need to match the cigar body, flavor and strength profile to the occasion.

I like the way this cigar impacts the palate from the first puff. It doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to asserting itself. The big, full flavors hit you right away and then carry through the rest of the smoke.

Lou Rodriguez Edicion Reserva Bom Bom

FINAL THOUGHTS: I am a fan of Lou Rodriguez cigars. And, while I might give the Edición Premier a slight edge because it is more approachable, more complex and easier to smoke, I love the Edición Reserva because it has the same great smack down of flavor with an extra kick. As such, the Reserva would pair great with your choice of full-bodied craft beers, fine bourbons and full-flavored coffees.

The Bom Bom is especially enticing because it accentuates the strengths of the cigar and lights up your palate and olfactory senses while providing a full-flavored experience for experienced palates.

Both the Edición Premier and Edición Reserva are cigar smoker's maduros. A fine maduro should have the holy trinity of maduro flavors, which include coffee, cocoa or bittersweet chocolate and an earthy sweetness. The Lou Rodriguez Edición Reserva meets these criteria and would meet the criteria of all of you who like a wild ride of flavor and lip-smacking goodness in your smokes.



These little stogies are being stored in my Vanderburgh Custom desktop humidor. I have left their cellophane sleeves intact. The humidor is very stable in temperature and keeps a relative humidity of around 68%.

This is the first of two podcast reviews on these cigars, which have been resting for 2 months and 4 days in my humidor.


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